Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My last blog

On Monday Dr.Barder was giving us tickets to middle school. It was class by class and student by student. We were singing Decents 2. After that were showing our parents our transition project. My transition project was writing about my transition and about my identity. In 11 it was lunch time. After lunch we were doing 4 hours of skating. Then it was home time. When our class was showing the transition project we could get food because it was morning food. It was kind of snack.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Last sesion of our buddies.

Today in the morning we had a last session of our buddies. I was unlucky because my Buddie was sick today. Everybody was making Picasso. Picasso is is a drawing. The drawing dos not need to be perfect it can be however you want to be. But it need to be split up in to half. There is two ears, two noses, two mouths. You need to color everything. You need double dice, paper, crayons and paper where are the shapes. I was doing Picasso on my own because my buddie was sick. It was really fun because you are not making human you are making some kind of monster that has everything double. 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

PYPX is over

Now that PYPX is over I felt good because PYPX was tiring it was longer that I thought. But I feel empressed  that I helped my group so much. I felt good when the PYPX started but then when it got further it's got bored and even bored. I was nervous that  for the presentation I am going to be alone. But then when I found out that we are going to present in groups I felt happy. 

Now that PYPX is over my group is continuing to finish our action. Our action is know to sell our beeswax wrap in the UNIS shop. It will be very cheap. 10.000 VND for one beeswax wrap. We will give the money to the shop. Then we will be finish with our action. We did that so UNIS shop would not sell plastic. 

Now that PYPX is over I appreciated that every group didn't give up they finish there action. I appreciated that one of my group members helped each other out is they are in trouble. I appreciated that me and my group members never got angry at each other and they never got angry at me. I appreciated that when we invite other school to watch our PYPX presentation that they invented us as well.    


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

New time table

I am sad about the new time table because we got less of P.E,Music,Art but we got more homeroom and more PYPX and we got PYPX specialist. I am happy because on homeroom we can do math ore literacy response. Before we have 2 periods of art but know we have only 1 period of art. On P.E we had 2 times a week but know we have 1 P.E lesson per week and know we have more PYPX.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Grade 4 market day

Grade 4 market day is playing games buying food and drinks. I buy cotton candy, cookie, 2times magic water. Hai Nam heleped me by giving me 100.000VND. The market day was longer because there was lot of people. I chare Hai Nam so he can win pack of chips but there were no more. He only got a number 1.

Thursday, 8 March 2018


On Wednesday to our class comes Mr James. One of the famous person that teach math.He teach us explosive dots. It is a simple strategist that can help in math. He gave us fun math problems. We were together about 50 minits.   

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Yesterday I teach my buddies how to make mandala. You make 8 tringels. Then you can draw what ever you want. Then traysit on the window. Colorit. Done.

Avail is auodio, visual achivment in litrecy, languege and learning. For me it is good.

We went to army museum for the mystery filed trip. We saw a video of how vietnam win and beatet france.